Bass Work

My start as a bass player came one day when a childhood friend knocked on my door.  He had found a four stringed guitar lying around in an alley and wanted to show off his new find.  “Why does that guitar have only four strings?” I asked him.

“It’s not a guitar, it’s a bass.”

He then proceeded to dig through our record collection, showing me all the naked bass lines and solos audible in the rock music canon.  I was amazed, I had simply never heard them before.  Lightning (and the accompanying low thunder) had struck my brain.

My friend left the beat up, fret-less, pickup-less, dirty, and out of tune bass with me, and I played it until I managed to get my own working model.  From there it was a natural move into playing the upright bass as well (spurned by hearing Charles Mingus’ solo on Hatian Fight Song), and I haven’t stopped playing since.  From the beginning, the groove has called to me, and I have played in everything from dive bars to orchestra halls with jazz, latin, rock, bluegrass, and classical ensembles.

I am available for sit-ins, substitutions, one-on-one bass lessons and remote recording of live bass lines on my in-home studio equipment.